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Driving & Criminal Law Specialists in Peterborough

Get legal help for all driving & criminal offences such as drink driving, drug driving & many more in Peterborough.

Putting clients at the

heart of our decisions

At Andersons, our philosophy centers on prioritising our clients and the services we offer. You are the heartbeat of our work, and we understand that each decision we make should enhance their outcomes in overcoming challenges.

Navigate the complexities of Driving Offences with confidence, from traffic violations to more serious offences.Trust us to guide you through. 

Driving Offences

Our seasoned legal team is dedicated to protecting your rights, providing expert guidance, and ensuring a strategic approach tailored to your unique case.

Criminal Offences

Trust us to be your legal ally, ensuring that every decision you make is informed and backed by knowledge and understanding.


Your Needs. Our Expertise.

Here for you.

Every step of the way

Navigating legal challenges can be a daunting journey, and that's where we step in. At Andersons, we prioritise swift responses to your inquiries, ensuring that you're never left in the dark. We make it our mission to guide you through every stage of the legal process, breaking down complex information so that you can make informed decisions.

Our unwavering commitment to your case ensures a trustworthy partner by your side. Experience the difference with legal support that goes beyond - it's excellence fused with true integrity. Your peace of mind is our pledge

Legal Excellence

Real Integrity!

Don't just take it from us, our client's love our services just as much as love them! Check out or reviews on Google.

5 Star Rated

We believe that true legal excellence is built on a foundation of honesty, respect, and unwavering integrity.


Trust us to bring a wealth of seasoned expertise to your unique situation, making your legal journey one guided by knowledge and proficiency.


We believe that your unique legal journey deserves tailored guidance, ensuring that every piece of advice is designed to empower you.


Why Choose Andersons?

More than just lawyers

Anderson Solicitors is one of the best in UK, I am very impressed with Natasha Anderson

Andersons Client

Need out of hours representation at a police station? Call +44 7949 878 222 

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