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Driving Offences

Get legal help for all driving & criminal offences such as drink driving, drug driving & many more in Peterborough, United Kingdom.

Our personal approach is what sets up apart.

We're here to help

Are you, or someone you know, on the verge of losing your driving licence, faced with the uncertainty of points totting or dealing with a special reason for driving your car?


Our realisation is that the true importance of maintaining your licence often surfaces in these critical moments.

At Andersons, we empathise with the potential impact on your life and others if driving privileges are at stake. Our dedicated lawyers are committed to offering not just legal assistance but a guiding hand to help you retain your licence.

Count on us for comprehensive advice on various motoring offences, including:


  • points totting

  • hardship applications

  • drink and drug driving

  • speeding

  • careless driving

  • dangerous driving

  • failing to stop and report an accident

  • driving without insurance

  • driving not in accordance with a licence

  • Notice of Intended Prosecutions (s.172 Road Traffic Act 1988).

Your freedom to drive is paramount, and we are here to safeguard it with expertise and unwavering commitment.

Drink Driving

Drug Driving

Careless Driving

Failing to provide a specimen

Using a mobile phone whilst driving

Disclosing the Identity of a driver

  • What criminal matters do you handle?
    We specialise in representing clients in a broad spectrum of criminal matters, including police interviews under caution, advocacy in Magistrates' and Youth Court, representation in the Crown Court, and providing general advice on criminal issues.
  • Can you provide advice on criminal matters even if I'm not facing immediate charges?
    We offer general advice on criminal matters, providing proactive guidance to address concerns or potential legal issues before they escalate. Your peace of mind is our priority.
  • What sets your criminal defence service apart?
    Our commitment to actively listening to your needs and understanding your situation sets us apart. We tailor our approach to achieve results, ensuring personalised and effective representation.
  • How do I initiate representation for a criminal matter?
    Initiating representation is simple. Contact us through our website or directly to schedule a consultation. We will listen to your case, discuss your options, and formulate a strategic plan tailored to your unique circumstances.

Require legal advice and/or representation regarding a motor offence? Check out our fixed fees.

Our Fees

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