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Road Traffic Act 1988

Failure to provide a Specimen

What is the meaning of failing to provide a specimen?


  • It is a criminal offence of Failing to Provide a Specimen for evidential analysis

  • You may be asked to supply specimens of breath, blood or urine for analysis

  • Failure to provide includes deliberate refusal, wilful obstruction of the processes required to obtain this information 

  • You may have been driving or attempting to drive


Penalty for Failing to Provide under the Road Traffic Act 1988

  • Triable only summarily

  • Maximum: Unlimited fine and/ or 6 months imprisonment


Offence range: Band B fine – 26 weeks’ custody

Our experts are familiar with the Magistrates Courts Sentencing Guidelines and the aggravating/mitigating features that are taken into account when the Court is considering the length of sentence to impose. Contact us today for a consultation.

Failure to provide is a criminal offence.

There is no limit on the possible fine.

You may be asked for blood, breath or urine.

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